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Finnish kayaking company plan kayak tours on Jersey

March 6th, 2013
Waterfall at le mourier valley,Jersey

Waterfall at le mourier valley. There has been plenty of rain this winter

February and March may not seem like the best months to undertake an intensive sea kayak course in Jersey with BCU 4 star sea kayak training/ assessment. However, if you are coming from Finland with low temperatures and short days Jersey probably seems semi tropical.

Intensive sea kayak courses

Jersey Kayak Adventure director Derek Hairon is working with Peter & Sanna Forsstrom from Finish sea kayaking company Kola Kayak to develop their sea kayak skills, so they can run more advanced sea kayak tours and coaching courses in Finland.

While on Jersey Peter has completed a range of British Canoe Union sea kayak awards including the BCU 4 star sea kayak leader course, while Sanna is working towards her kayak coach award. Both have been exploring the superb coastline of Jersey by sea kayak.

The advantage of training in Jersey is that there is a huge range of sea kayaking opportunities for all abilities and it is easy to select the best venues without having to travel long distances. “internationally British kayak awards are held in very high esteem, and having trained on Jersey Peter and Sanna have spotted the fantastic advantages of the island” said Derek Hairon.

Easier travelling

sea kayakers in la tour de rozel tide race

BCU 4 star sea kayak leader training

Travelling to Jersey from Finland (and many places in the UK and Europe) is faster than you’d expect. Peter, Sanna and their two young children (aged 3yrs and 15 months) took less than 7 hours to fly to Jersey. “That’s a lot less than when we went to Cornwall last year” said Peter.

The weather has not proved a barrier for the family, who are used to very cold conditions. When not kayaking the family has been out and about exploring the coast and beaches.

As a result of their stay Jersey Kayak Adventures is teaming up with Kola Kayak to arrange sea kayak holiday courses for paddlers and adventure seekers from Finland during the shoulder seasons. “With the cold winters and short days Finnish people love to take an autumn or early spring break” said Peter.

Plenty to do on Jersey but where’s the sauna?

north coast of jersey sea kayaking near Sorel point

Sanna sea kayaking in February

The couple is spending almost 8 weeks on Jersey with its two young children and has been impressed with the range of facilities and resources on such a small island.

The island’s fresh produce and seafood have inspired Sanna to learn how to prepare seafood dishes – as a result of attending a master class organised by Daniel, the chef at Bracewell’s Restaurant in St Aubin.

Peter’s one criticism of Jersey is that there is a serious lack of saunas. “It’s like your love of BBQ’s. In Finland everyone has a sauna and you can even buy portable ones” said Peter.

Sea Kayaking from Kodiak to Homer video

November 15th, 2012

A very impressive video of a 250 mile solo kayak trip in Alaska.

Allow 30 minutes to watch this great video with lots of wild life.

“An 11-day, 250-mile solo paddle from Kodiak Island to the town of Homer on the Alaska mainland in July 2012. The crux of the trip was the 25-mile, open-water crossing from Shuyak (at the northern end of the Kodiak archipelago) to the Barren Islands, followed by another 25-mile, open-water crossing to the Chugach Islands on the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula.

Even a few places I recall paddling past when we were in the Kenai area back in 2000 sea kayaking. However, we didn’t get such good conditions!


Eco Gold awarded to Jersey Kayak Adventures by Green Tourism Business scheme

August 15th, 2012

GTBS logoSea kayaking is a superb adventure sport to experience the beauty of Jersey’s coastline and observe wildlife . It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the environment and Green issues in Jersey.

Jersey Kayak Adventures has gone further by gaining the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) Gold award and, is just one of five tourism related businesses in the Channel Islands to reach the Gold standard.

The Green Tourism Business Scheme is the most successful environmental accreditation scheme for tourism businesses of its type in the world, with approximately 2,500 members in the UK. Originally developed in 1997, the scheme assesses tourism businesses across of a range of measures (including energy, waste, water, purchasing, transport, communication etc.) with three levels of award: Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Kayak adventures in jersey to explore geology

Guided tours to explore the coastal Geology of Jersey

For a small company like ours meeting Green Tourism Business Gold standards may seem like yet another distraction from the daily task of running a business. In a recession some might argue that Eco credentials are considered less important by consumers.

Yet, when we looked at customer feedback we discovered that Green awards were a positive factor influencing bookings. Many customers reported that Eco awards encouraged them to book a sea kayak tour or course in Jersey.

We were assessed on a range of environmental indicators and customer service. A few of our approaches scored highly:

  • Offering a discount to clients if they use public transport, cycle or walk to launching points.
  • Collecting sea junk by kayak

    Try not to get carried away collecting sea junk

    Encouraging staff and clients to pick up discarded and old bits of fishing gear from remote beaches. Some clients have even treated this as a competition to see who can bring back the most detritus. The current record is a large wooded cable drum which ended up being recycled into a coffee table.

In the case of Jersey Kayak Adventures, the business is very green and low impact. Director, Derek Hairon and his team are well qualified with a high environmental awareness, good networking, and a strong green marketing profile. The business has excellent green information for customers, including the website, along with good educational aspects on sustainability and community involvement/support. There is also a strong support of local heritage and culture.” Said GTBS assessor Paul Jeffries.

Exploring Jerseys history from the sea

Discover the maritime history of Jersey from the sea

Our staff are often the first “locals” visitors have a chance to talk with; so during 2012 we enrolled staff in the Jersey Tourism Bronze Badge tour guide award to ensure they have an in-depth knowledge of not just kayaking but also the history of Jersey.


Sea kayaking goes green in Jersey

May 24th, 2012
Eco friendly sea kayaking article

Going green touches the bottom line

We just had an article about our environmental activities published in Business Brief, Jersey this month.

I was asked to write the article to highlight how even small business can respond to Green initiatives. It was also to highlight how things are changing and the way environmental considerations can impact on business.

We are already members of EcoActive Jersey and achieved Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) GOLD grade.

Read the article “Going Green touches the bottom line”.

Derek Hairon



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