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Sea kayaking in Jersey resources

Jersey and the other Channel Islands

Useful information about sea kayaking in Jersey and the Channel Islands UK.

Navigation and tides in Jersey.

Tide Streams around Jersey-pdf. This document is a rough guide to the tide streams around Jersey. Use at your own risk.

Tide streams off the South east coast of Jersey St Clements Bay, Seymour and Icho towers. Tide streams amongst the gullies and gutters. Use at your own risk.

Jersey tide tables. Times of high water at St Helier harbour.

Sit-on-top kayak skills

Kayaking with children by Derek Hairon. Tips and advice for families kayaking with children.

Rescue techniques for Sit-on-top kayaks:

Part one – assisted rescues. By Derek Hairon.

Part two – self rescues. By Derek Hairon.

Sit-on-top kayak fishing. An introduction. This article covers kayak fishing safety for sit-on-top kayaks.

The Sea kayakers trident by Derek Hairon. Short magazine article. Why traditional sea kayaking needs to embrace sit-on-top sea kayaks. Since the article was written BCU Star Test 3 sea has been changed to allow sit-on-top kayaks to be used.

Kayak safety

Stay safe in your kayak. Useful information for both sit-on-top and closed cockpit sea kayakers. Derek Hairon helped to revise. Published by the RNLI.

Sea kayaking safety advice from Jersey Coastguard.

Dress for immersion. Short interview with Derek Hairon about Sit-on-top sea kayak safety.

Sea kayaking skills videos

Sea kayak skills videos from Canoe kayak magazine.


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