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Offshore tours 2014

Charter boat trips from Jersey to Les Ecrehous, Les Minquiers and Sark. Explore these fantastic places by sea kayak as part of your adventure and activity holiday in Jersey.

Travel across by charter boat, then start exploring by sea kayak accompanied by our expert guides.

Les Ecrehous 2014

Travel to and from Les Ecrehous by charter boat.

Hop on a kayak and explore the archipelago with our expert guides. Discover this extensive and unique reef mid-way between France and Jersey.

Kayking at les Ecrehous

Kayking at les Ecrehous

Observe seals and wildlife. Perhaps see dolphins en-route to the island. Enjoy the incredible experience of kayaking around tiny islets with fisherman’s cabins. Walk huge sand bars, which within a few hours will be submerged under many metres of ocean.

The archipelago is a site of unique interest and is one of Jerseys hidden treasures. It is now a Ramsar wetlands site.

Les Ecrehous featured on BBC TVs Coast when the presenter Neil Oliver explored the reef by sea kayak with our Director Derek Hairon.

There is plenty time to explore the islets accompanied by our experienced staff who have been visiting Les Ecrehous for more than 25 years. They can tell you about the wildlife and remarkable history of the reef.

Caribbean like clear seas at Les Ecrehous.

Caribbean like clear seas at Les Ecrehous.

You need some previous kayak experience to get the most out of the trip. If you have not kayaked before it is a good idea to join one of our 2½ hour coastal tours to see how you get on. Tours cover basic kayak skills.

For the more experienced paddlers we offer a paddle across option using either sit-on-top or closed cockpit sea kayaks.

To reduce our impact on the area we limit kayak groups to a maximum of 10 clients with two staff.
Additional non paddling foot passengers can be included accompanied by a guide ashore.

Individual bookings are accepted, private charters possible.

Duration: The trip last approximately 6-7  hours.

The charter boat remains in radio contact throughout the trip.

2014 Dates:

September 6 Saturday 0700-1400 Fully booked

September 14 Sunday 1130-1800

Cost: £146 per person.

Guided walking tours of Les Ecrehous.

Panoramic view of les Ecrehous.

Watch the video of our sit-on-top sea kayak tours to les Ecrehous. Discover why this is such a unique and environmentally sensitive destination.

Les Minquiers

Travel by charter boat to and from the reef. Then paddle off to explore this fantastic area and

Sea kayaking at les Minquiers

spot seals. Picnic and relax on sandbanks.

Lying 12 miles south of Jersey, Les Minquiers is the most southerly area of the British Isles. At low tide the area uncovered is reputed to be as large as Jersey. Les Minquiers is a Ramsar wetlands site. 

At high tide only the tiny Maitresse Ile remains with its stone fisherman’s and quarryman’s cabins.

We ask all clients to follow good environmental practice and to avoid disturbing wildlife. Our trained staff provide advice and guidance of how to maximise your enjoyment and to leave no trace.

Maximum of 10 paddlers

Individual, foot passenger only, group and private charter options.

Duration: The trip last approximately 7- 8 hours. Previous kayaking experience is essential (e.g. have paddled on some of our coastal tours).

The charter boat remains in radio contact throughout the trip.

2014 Dates:

September 13 Sunday 1000-1800.

Cost: £175 per person.

Watch our video of sea kayaking in Jersey at Les Minquiers.

Sark cliffs and kayak

Sea stacks off the east coast of Sark.


Travel by charter boat to Sark, until recently the last bastion of feudalism in Europe.

Discover numerous sea caves and natural sea arches as we explore the coastline and perhaps get the chance to paddle into the Guillot caves, a remarkable cave that runs beneath a headland and see rare sea anemones covering the rock walls.

The charter boat remains in contact throughout the day.

Duration: Approx 10 hours.  Previous kayaking experience is essential (e.g. have paddled on some of our coastal tours).


June 29 Sunday 0830-1830. Sorry no extra trips planned this season.

Cost: £186.

Watch our video of  sea kayaking round Sark

Seymour tower overnight stay

Discover the south east coast Ramsar site from a new perspective. 

Seymour Tower from the sea

Stay overnight in Seymour tower 1 mile from Jersey

Drift through the gutters and gullies as the rising tide sweeps us along towards Seymour Tower. Imagine moving along a river, where the bank is a mass of rocks covered with an abundance of marine life.

Observe wildlife. Drop a line overboard and try to catch your evening meal.

Learn about our coastal environment and the rich maritime heritage and paddle back the next day with a new perspective of Jersey. After dropping your belongings at the tower we will explore the area by kayak.

All kayaking equipment is provided including wet suits. Our kayaks are designed to be user friendly to enable you to get paddling easily. No previous experience is needed. You always paddle with a qualified kayak instructor of Jersey Kayak Adventures.

Individual rates for a stay in the tower on specific dates. Call and we will see if we can help make up a group. £100 per person subject to a minimum of 5 people with kayaks and paddle gear.

Dates: Call for dates

Private Hire of the tower for an overnight stay: Basic rate for up to 7 people per night (incl. guide) £350, plus £25 per person for kayaking to/from the tower.

Walk to and from the tower and stay overnight. See the Jersey Walk Adventures page.

Meals not included but we can arrange and price.

Sleeping bag hire £5.50

Walks to Icho and Seymour Towers click here.

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