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Svalbard – A kayak circumnavigation. 2200 km, 3000 polar bears and 3 kayakers

November 5th, 2015

Illustrated Talk by Tara Mulvany. Tuesday 24 November 7.30pm at St Helier Yacht Club, Jersey

Tickets £8. Advance booking essential. Buy online.

Ice Bears & Islands

November 5th, 2015

Svalbard – A kayak circumnavigation. 2200 km, 3000 polar bears and 3 kayakers

Icebears and islands talk posterIllustrated Talk by Tara Mulvany

We are very lucky to have arranged for Tara to give an illustrated talk in Jersey about her amazing expedition around Svalbard (Spitsbergen).

In 2015 Tara was part of a team of 3 sea kayakers who undertook a grueling 2000km circumnavigation of Svalbard (Spitsbergen) 817miles from the north pole.

The team had to contend with constantly moving ice flows and an epic 26.5 hour crossing beneath the Austfonna Glacial cliffs. Ashore the group had to deal with over 40 close encounters with Polar bears.

Tara has completed some epic kayaking trips, the biggest being a winter circumnavigation of the South Island New Zealand. In 2014, aged 25 years, she became the first woman to have kayaked around both the North Island, and the three main islands of New Zealand. Later that year she sneaked in a 1200km solo kayak circumnavigation of Vancouver island.

Tuesday 24 November 7.30pm at St Helier Yacht Club, Jersey.

Tickets £8. Advance booking advised.

Buy tickets online

Email to reserve a place. Or, call Jersey Kayak Adventures: 07797853033

Kayaking the Aleutians. Illustrated Talk by Justine Curgenven

October 18th, 2015

Award winning film maker and sea kayaker Justine Curgenven will give an illustrated talk about her Aleutian island expedition.  At St Helier Yacht Club Jersey on Sun Oct 25 at 7pm. Details.

Kayaking the Aleutians. Illustrated Talk

October 18th, 2015

Kayaking_Aleutians_coverThe award winning film maker and sea kayaker Justine Curgenven will give an illustrated talk about her Aleutian island expedition.

This is very much a flying visit between her busy series of worldwide talks and a forthcoming sea kayak trip in Antarctica.

Justine has strong Jersey connections and first started her sea kayaking in Jersey.

The Aleutians film has won 5 awards including Best Kayaking Film at the Llanberis Mountain Film Festival.

Join us for this great opportunity to share Justine’s adventures.

Sunday 25 October 2015 at 7pm

St Helier Yacht Club, South Pier, St Helier

Tickets £5. Buy your tickets online in advance as places are likely to be limited.

BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Training & Assessment Courses

August 27th, 2015

BCU 4 star sea kayak training and assessment courses are on 26/27 Sept. Details

Les Ecrehous & les Minquiers Sea Kayaking Tours

June 19th, 2015

2015 dates for our offshore kayak tours on les Ecrehous and les Minquers are listed here. travel across by charter boat and then explore these superb reefs by sea kayak.

Channel Islands Sea Kayaking Guide Book

June 1st, 2015

The South East England & Channel islands sea kayaking guide book is due out on 1 July. Pre order a signed copy from the author for £20 here.

Next Introduction to Kayaking Course

May 28th, 2015

Our next introduction to sea kayaking course starts on Sunday 14 June at 0930. 6 Classes. More information.

Sea Kayaking in Fog. Be Prepared

May 12th, 2015
Derek hairon. Les Ecrehous sea kayaking P1110887

Derek at les Ecrehous, Jersey

Yesterday was a great day to get out sea kayaking in Jersey. A 5 nautical mile offshore trip to les Écréhous off the north east coast of Jersey in our fast sea kayaks looked a good idea. We set out from Archirondel off the east coast with a calm sea, good visibility with barely any wind.

“I can see some grey shadows over there” said Mick. The “shadows” turned out to be a small pod of Dolphin feeding about 1 mile south east of les Écréhous.

It felt cooler once we’d stopped paddling so the extra bits of clothing and paddle jackets we’d packed proved to be a good idea. I later learned that two kayakers dressed in light clothing had been rescued off the south east coast of Jersey after one had fallen in and could not get back into the kayak. On May 11th the sea temperature was 11.5 degrees. Without extra clothing you soon lose your ability to perform a rescue so dress -or be prepared- for immersion.

sea kayaks at les ecrehous, jersey. Rockpool Taran

Mick at les Ecrehous, jersey

An evening snack while sitting on a bench looking back towards Jersey was a chance to enjoy the peacefulness of this wonderful place. We were the only people on the les Écréhous apart from a couple of yachts on the moorings.

As we sat on the bench Mick spotted another shadow. This time it seemed to be forming along the north coast of Jersey. Just a bit of haze we thought at first but as we watched it gradually crept eastwards.

After 20 minuted paddling the “shadow” had changed into a fog bank and visibility was less than 100m. At times Mick was starting to look a bit hazy so it must have been even less visibility. The last time I’ paddled in these conditions I was on a 5 hour crossing when the had been due to lift but instead remained around us for almost the entire trip. We could hear aircraft on their approach into Jersey airport repeatedly trying to land.

Sea kayaking in the fog back to Jersey

Sea kayaking in the fog back to Jersey

For the next hour we cruised across a mirror like sea on a compass bearing of 240 degrees which we’d calculated would allow for the south east running stream. Sounds of vehicles and aircraft drifted through the fog but they seemed to come from all directions. If you stopped for a moment our kayaks ended up pointing in all directions. Without a compass and a bearing to steer we’d have been in trouble.

We had a GPS was on board. However, we had a compass bearing, and knew our speed was about the same as usual. Some kayakers find there speed drops when they enter fog or head offshore so this is something which might alter the route plan and timings. In our case paddling in fog just added a nice dimension in what was still excellent sea conditions. There seemed little need to use the GPS until we were around or just past our estimated time of arrival. Jersey is also quite a large island to miss -though I know a few who have ended up well off course due to the tide streams and by not trusting a small bit of magnetised metal.

Fog lifting over Jersey at sunset

Fog lifting over Jersey at sunset

Finally the fog lifted 1 hour 20mins after it enveloped us. Directly ahead of us was our target, St Catherine’s breakwater.

Elsewhere around Jersey the fog was very thick while in other areas visibility was very good.

A superb trip which shows how important it is to carry a few basic bits of kit especially when heading away from shore. In these conditions even crossing a bay would have been a challenge without a compass. A compass was an essential item along with a spot of trip planing with a chart. A GPS was just an extra aid but with lots of previous paddling practice at night and in poor visibility it was just an extra safety device.

We had a VHF but were in the strange VHF marine radio “blackspot” that seems to be around St Catherine’s bay and missed a call from the Coastguard which we only learned about when we called in by mobile phone after landing. A good reason to carry a couple methods of communication.

A great trip so long as you have a compass and the right gear.

We run a range of intromediate and advanced sea kayak courses in Jersey

Derek Hairon

South East England & Channel Islands Guide Book

April 21st, 2015
Routes included in the South East England & Channel Islands sea kayaking guide book

Routes included in the South East England & Channel Islands sea kayaking guide book

I’m busy proofing the Channel Islands section of the South East England and Channel Islands Guide book.

Pre order your copy for £20 here.

More details about the book is here.

Author: Derek Hairon et al

ISBN: 978-1-906095-50-5

Format: 272 pages

Published: 27 July 2015 by Pesda Press

Buy online for £20

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