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BCU Tests & Awards

Benchmark your Sit-on-Top and Sea Kayak skills on our British Canoe Union (BCU) sea kayak training and assessment courses in Jersey in 2015.

Our Introduction to kayaking and holiday courses are listed here. Email or call us on 07797853033.

BCU 1 Star

BCU sea kayak training or assessments can often be arranged on demand. Sit-on-top and closed cockpit kayaks can be used for most awards.

BCU Star test 1 syllabus

Cost: £37.50

BCU 2 Star 

Closed cockpit and sit on top kayaks paddling at les Ecrehous

Moving water skills.

This course is an excellent progression from the BCU 1 star award and enables you to develop your techniques and knowledge in more detail. Learn transferable skills applicable to both kayak and open canoe.

The 2 star award is a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to become a kayak coach. BCU Star test 2 syllabus

Training: 11 April.

Assessment: April 25

Call for other dates as I can run these on demand.


Training: £47.50 per half day session.

Assessment: £47.50 (half day).

BCU Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT)

BCU Foundation safety and rescue training.Kayaks and canoes on beach

Learn safety and rescue skills with a range of different craft on the FSRT course

This one day course aims to provide you with the key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely in a sheltered water environment and to be able to deal with common emergencies using both canoes and kayaks. This is an excellent safety awareness course.

The award has two essential purposes:

  • To provide the paddler with the necessary skills which will enable them to ensure the safety of themselves and others.
  • To provide the participant with the appropriate rescue skills which can be used to help themselves and/or others in difficulty.

The FSRT is essential for anyone wishing to become a BCU/UKCC level 1 coach.


Saturday May 30 0930 – 1730.

Saturday October 10 0930 – 1730

Kayak anglers should also consider our BCU Foundation Kayak Angling Safety Courses.

Other dates can be arranged. Please call or email.

Cost: £65 per person if you have your own kayak kit. £95 if you need all kit and kayak. Call for group rates. Expect to get wet. Dry suits can be hired for £10 per day.

FSRT syllabus.

BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak

Sit on top kayaking in rough water.Plemont Point Jersey

3 star can now be assessed in either sit-on-top or closed cockpit sea kayak.

At a 3 star sea kayak assessment you need to demonstrate the ability to skilfully control your kayak in prescribed conditions through blending the body, boat and blade. This means that you need to have a reasonable amount of sea kayak experience before going for assessment. The BCU 1 and 2 star award is recommended but it is not essential to have these awards

This award is suitable for the improving sit-on-top and sit inside sea paddler.

You can now be assessed for the BCU 3 star sea kayak award in either Sit-on-top or sit inside sea kayaks.

Read a Sit-on-top kayakers 3 star assessment experience.

BCU 3 Star Sit-on-Top and Sea Kayak syllabus.

3 Star Training for Sit-on-top or Sit Inside Sea Kayaks

April 3,4,5,6

April 7,8,9,10

June 24,25,26

July 22,23,24

Training days (on above dates) £95 per day. All your own kit/kayak £65

sea kayak on 4 star training course.Developing paddle skills near rocks

Develop essential paddle skills on our courses

3 Star Assessment for Sit-on-top or Sit Inside Sea Kayak**

April 6

April 10

June 27

July 25

Assessment  (on above dates) £95 per day. All your own kit/kayak £65

I can also arrange training on other dates or over two or three evenings.

Kayaks and equipment can be supplied at no extra charge.***

1:1 training and assessment

For the Sit-on-top or sit inside kayaker who can only attend on specific dates or prefers to receive 1:1 coaching for the 3 star sea award.

1:1 training £190 per day

1:1 assessment £190

If there is more than 1 person attending the cost is £95 per person per day.

Optional Dry suit hire – £10 per day

Kayaks and equipment can be supplied at no extra charge.***

BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Award

Landing sea kayaks in difficult locations on rocks

Landing sea kayaks in difficult locations forms part of the course

The BCU 4 star sea kayak award is now a leadership award. Attending a training course is an essential requirement prior to assessment.

Our courses cover the essential training elements of the BCU 4 star sea kayak syllabus in some great tidal waters around Jersey. An advantage of sea kayaking in jersey is that there is a huge range of different paddling opportunities to experience all within 20 minutes travel time.

Even if you do not plan to take the 4 star assessment, there will be plenty of opportunity to develop your skills afloat. Many paddlers like to add a couple days as a refresher before assessment or, use the time on Jersey to gain extra log book and leadership hours.

4 star sea kayak training is 2 days duration. However, we also offer 3-5 days 4 star training to give you more time to develop your paddle skills and gain experience. If you are considering undertaking 4 star training and assessment by linking the courses together please discuss this with Derek in advance due to the BCU Leadership Registration (LR) form requirements.

We are used to working with European and international clients and are happy to help ensure you have the correct pre requisites in place for your assessment. We have French and German speaking staff and can assist with the translation of your certificates into English.

Fly from regional airports (Easyjet, BA, Flybe operate regular services all year)  to make the most of your time on Jersey or bring your own kayak and travel by high speed car ferry. See our Places to Stay page for accommodation.

Choose from our range of sea kayaks (Valley Nordkapp, Avocet, Aquanaut, RTM Ysak, Venture Kayaks Esky and P&H Hammer, Rockpool Tarans****). Drysuit hire available.  All students will receive a Paddlers Performance Action Plan.

BCU 4 Star Sea kayak Training Dates

September 14-18 £95 per day

September 19-20 £190

September 21-25 £95  per day

September 26-27 £190

A day -or extra day- can be arranged to cover the BCU coastal navigation and tidal planning course .

Email Derek to discuss other dates for 4 star training courses.

Download the BCU syllabus.  Course outline & Further Information

Read: Preparing for (and what to expect on) your BCU 4 star sea kayak training course by Phil Hadley.

BCU 4 Star Sea kayak Assessment

The two day assessment requires a minimum of two BCU examiners (Derek Hairon, Kevin Mansell or Phil Hadley ) and includes the opportunity to lead ‘real’ adult students on at least one of the days.

Please read the assessment syllabus documents to ensure you have the pre requisites.

You can use our sea kayaks at no extra charge***

4 Star Sea Kayak Assessment Dates

March 21-22 £190

September 26-27 £190

You can book training days prior to the assessment weekend for £95 per day.

Sea Kayaks and paddle kit can be supplied at no extra charge. Non local clients can hire flares or Laser Flares if requested in advance. On 4 star assessment you should supply your own first aid , kayak repair kit, VHF marine radio and tow line. If the transportation of these items presents difficulties we can usually hire them to you for a small fee.***

Read: How to pass your BCU 4 star sea kayak award. By Phil Hadley.

BCU Leadership Registration (LR) Form.  A copy of your completed and officially stamped LR form is required when you book/pay (no later than 3 days before the assessment).  If you arrive without a valid LR form we cannot asses you for 4 star and no refund of your course fees will be made. If you need advice or assistance contact us in advance.

BCU Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning Course

This one day course can be included as a day course if you are attending the 4 star sea kayak training for £95.

Custom dates/times are possible. Email Derek for more information.

Sea Kayak Navigation. Putting Theory into Practice

sea kayak navigation

On the water navigation exercises

Join us on a weekend of practical sea kayak navigation making theory become reality around the scenic coastline of Jersey.

Based on the BCU Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course the weekend moves from the classroom onto the sea to apply your sea kayak navigation skills to a selection of on the water challenges.

Having planned trips ashore we go afloat to paddle some of the best sections of Jersey’s coastline. This will enable you to develop your practical map/chart reading skills and navigation techniques. Practice using transits, assessing speed and drift, allowing for tide streams and cross tides as well as micro navigation and even paddling in low light/darkness.

To get the most from this course you should have some sea kayaking experience. This course is suitable for paddlers who want to develop their on the water coastal navigation skills in order to undertake coastal trips or tune up their existing knowledge and techniques through practical on the water based scenarios.

March 28 & 29

September 12 & 13

Email or call 07797853033 for other dates.

£200 (includes manual)

Sea kayaks and essential navigation equipment supplied e.g. charts/maps, dividers, Sea Kayak Navigation Aid (SCANA), lights, light patches, deck and hand held compass.

Custom Longer Sea Kayak Coaching and Training Courses

If you would like to develop a career in the outdoors, or improve your sea kayak skills our training programme could provide the ideal launch pad.

Contact Derek to discuss longer sea kayak development and training options and costs. This option is available during the spring, autumn and winter as well as during the summer season.

Our intensive sea kayak courses will develop your skills and help you become a better paddler.

Previous students have undertaken training to obtain the BCU 1, 2, 3 and 4 star sea kayak awards as well as the Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT), VHF, First Aid and Child Protection training as part of their pathway to become a Level 1 BCU/UKCC kayak coach.

All equipment can be supplied. Kayaks and equipment can be supplied at no extra charge. Prices start from £95 per person per day in the low season. We are able to customise courses to meet your requirements so please email or call to discuss.

On completion of the course a detailed personal action plan is produced.

Accommodation in Jersey

See our Places to stay page for ideas or contact us.


*It is possible to combine the 3 training and 3 star assessment plus 4 star training in the week before the 4 star assessment and include the BCU Coastal navigation and tidal planning certificate.  Call to discuss.

**If you combine training and BCU assessment courses, it is important to understand that attendance on a training course does not imply that you will have reached the required standard to pass a BCU award at the end of the course. Much depends upon your level of paddle skills and experience. Ensure you have read and understood the assessment syllabus for the relevant BCU award and meet the pre requisites.

***At 3 and 4 star assessment you will be assessed as if you were using your own equipment. It is therefore important to both check and familiarise yourself with any loaned/hire equipment. On both the 3 and 4 star assessments you should supply your own first aid , kayak repair kit, tow line, flares/signaling devices -and VHF marine radio for 4 star-. If the transportation of these items presents difficulties we can usually hire these to you for a small fee providing they are requested 14 days in advance.

**** Due to the high performance construction and expense of sea kayaks such as the Rockpool Taran and Tiderace designs there is an extra hire charge of  £25 per day.

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